Dark mode is one of the most preferred features users are taking advantage of right now, due to the many benefits it offers respecting eye health, battery life and general comfort at the time of using any mobile devices, smartphone or tablet at night or with low light environment. That is why; WhatsApp as the most popular messenger app across the board is offering Dark Mode on its new Beta version on Android.

Getting Dark Mode on WhatsApp on any Android Device 

WhatsApp is now offering a new dark mode on its newer beta version for Android, allowing to change the interface into a darker and more comfortable design and layout, as a feature that has been requested by plenty of users of app worldwide, since every popular application such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger and many more have it. 

In details, the 2.20.13 version of the app is the one that includes the Dark Mode, setting the layout in a gray and black-based background and screen, providing comfort at the moment of using it and giving the chance to save battery, especially in the devices that are using AMOLED or OLED displays, which simply shut down the individual pixels to show black color, translating into a battery saving. 

Unfortunately, this is a Beta version and is only available for the users subscribed to the Beta plan in the Google Play Store, so this version of WhatsApp has not been completely offered as a regular download or update on the devices, although there is way to fix this. 

For users having Android-based smartphones, there is way to get the Whatsapp update download 2.20.13 version with the Dark Mode. All is needed is to do is download the corresponding APK from any platform online and then install it, and in this way the users can enjoy of the Dark Mode earlier.