At present time, it is undeniable the influence internet and mobile devices have in our lives regarding many aspects, such as communication and obtaining information, recreation, studies, work and so much more.

Being like this, it does not come surprising that other ambits with less personal and more corporate approach have been also quite influenced by cyberspace, with a great example the way companies and businesses promote and try to make their products known to sell them better; we are talking about digital marketing.

The concept of digital marketing

In details, digital marketing or also known as marketing 2.0, cyber-marketing, marketing online or internet marketing is the way enterprises, companies and businesses can promote products and services through internet and its different platforms and technologies available.

So, digital marketing is carried out through the use of different strategies and tactics to promote products and services, which take advantage of different electronic devices and handhelds with local and mobile approach, such as smart phones, tablets, PCs, laptops and even smart TVs, connected appliances, game consoles and more.

Like this, internet platforms used by people around the world such as web pages, applications, email services, social networks and other general social media are paths for digital marketing to be carried out and accomplish its goal to offer products and services.

Advantages of digital marketing in comparison to traditional marketing

Digital marketing has plenty of advantages in direct comparison to traditional marketing carried through mass media like TV, radio, magazines and others.

For example, digital marketing facilitates the use of tools to calculate and track a more precise Return of Investment or ROI, as well it enables the possibility to release custom campaigns with great analytic capacity and address them to specific possible target clients and customers.

Although, the biggest benefit digital marketing has right now is the massive use of internet and inside platforms thanks to mobile devices, making it very effective.

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