There will be up to three new models of iPhone XI

It was imminent the release of the new iPhone in the next couple of months on behalf of Apple, but accordingly to different leaks there will no one but three different models available, which are going to substitute directly the three latest models available today. These models will be the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and the iPhone XI-R. 

Details about the new iPhones

According to different leaks, in the month of September Apple will be releasing new iPhone models. However, the surprise is that nobody saw coming the complete substitution of the current models, following the same line of design and feel, but of course updating some of the features. 

In details, these new models will be the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and the iPhone XI-R, replacing the whole catalog of smartphones sold by Apple. For example, the iPhone XI-R will be the least expensive of the three but following the same concept of the previous model, with 6,3 inch LCD panel, thicker bezels and as most interesting features the phone will incorporate the SoC A13 Bionic and a two-camera setup. 

Moving on, the iPhone XI will be the model in between of the three options available, although this one will incorporate a 6 inch OLED panel, thin or almost no existent bezels and the latest SoC from Apple. A three-camera setup is expected placed in a big frame in the back of the phone, as something that according to the leaked photos will not like everyone. The notch also remains. 

And the top of the line will be the iPhone XI Max, with a 6, 5 OLED-based panel with thin bezels and notch, along with three cameras, a base storage option of 256 GB and according to the leaks this model will integrate a finger-print scanner under the display, being a completely new version of Touch ID.    

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