SSD on the PlayStation 5: Key Component on the New Console

SSD on the PlayStation 5

Just two days ago, on September 17th Sony introduced the new PlayStation 5 as the console for the next generation released by the Japanese company. While there will be two versions; one with a disc reader and one without it, both include the amazing PCI-E Gen 4-based SSD inside that is extremely fast, reaching speeds of about 5.5 GB/s. 

This means that virtually games will not be having loading times as they used to, since internal storage is so quick that data can be accessed instantly, having a real effect on the performance of the console and general experience for the user. 

For this to happen, Sony created their own form factor for the SSD installed on the Play Station 5, with a total capacity of 825 GB, a number that is quite unusual for SSD storage capacities that is frequently represented in 128, 256, 512 and 1024 GBs.