Digital marketing is a process of advertising and promote products and services in the many internet platforms available at present time, taking advantage of the massive use of connected mobile devices by people and the time they invest every day in those services through smart phones, tablets and computers.

Being lake this, digital marketing cannot be separated from social networks currently, since these are the most used platforms online by people, spending a big amount of time sharing photos and content with friends, as well as receiving it and being the perfect spot for companies and enterprises to release marketing campaigns in social networks.

Why using social networks to perform digital marketing?

Social networks acts in many ways as traditional web pages that can show sponsored content, banners and any other tools to promote and advertise products and services. However, the real potential social networks have related to marketing is the possibility to track and monitor interest of the different users the platform have, so specific content and ads can be shown to them in accordance to what they may need and be looking for.

In this way, the impact generated by the digital marketing campaign on social networks can be a lot of more influential, since users can see ads and sponsored content that is actually of their interest. Also, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others allow businesses and companies to see the actual results of a campaign and how is working.

Another valuable possibility allowed by social networks in terms of digital marketing is to establish a client-seller path for costumers to know more about a product, obtain support and other benefits, as well as the generation of content by experienced clients who bought a product in first instance and have something to say, acting a social tool to promote or not a service or product as an intrinsic and important part of social medial and digital marketing.

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