Traditional marketing is known for using mass media as way to promote advertising campaigns of different kinds and nature, outstanding TV, radio, press and written resources to make known certain brand, product or service to the people in general in a specific region that could be small or massive where a national commercial and a little radio jingle would be great examples.

In contrast, digital marketing as the way to advertise products and brands online through internet and the different platforms available there as web pages, apps and social networks uses other type of route to achieve its goal; social media also known as new media.

Social media as the stage to support digital marketing

Social media or new media as it is also known is the supporting stage for digital market and its strategies to run, with internet as the wide road where all of the information and platforms are available.

In details, social media corresponds to all the tools and technologies people use to communicate, interact and exchange information over cyberspace, being the greatest example social networks as Facebook, Instagram and others where users are able to share data of different kind with social purposes, being a valuable platform to promote and advertise products and services to specific markets and potential clients thanks to segmentation.

However, social media also includes other internet services such as web pages, e-mail and applications, since all of them involve social interaction and public relationship, which are imperative for digital marketing to be successful and relevant.

Also, content is another important and key factor for digital marketing over social media sources, since within them social interactions and relationship of trust and recommendations are carried out, being critical at the time of a client to buy a product or service when he or she makes comparison process among many vendors or providers.

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