Self-destructing messages and Dark mode will arrive to Whatsapp


According to leaks and information online, in the next update of Whatsapp as the most used app for communication worldwide, two new features will be added to the platform respecting iOS and Android versions at the same time. These new functions have to do with self-destructing messages and Dark Mode. 

Temporary messages and dark theme for Whatsapp 

The new Whatsapp update to be released by Facebook will be including some of the most desired and demanded features by users worldwide, being actually both of them available in apps that are direct competition to Whatsapp like Facebook Messenger, Line and Telegram. 

The first feature to be included in the next update is the possibility to send self-destructing messages that are available only temporarily, and then these are deleted automatically without any possibility to be recovered or read. Self-destructing messages is a security function that let users a lot quieter and more confident respecting their security and privacy online. 

The second function and for many people the most important feature to include is the Dark Mode or Dark Theme, which basically allow the app to be set in black and grey layout and therefore being a lot easier on the eye, since the use of white background is removed and harmful and annoying brightness will be no longer there. 

Dark Mode is also required by many users due to the effect on battery performance this feature has, especially for those who take advantage of a device with an OLED or AMOLED screens, since with this technology there is great savings in battery life since pixels are completely off in dark mode, not consuming energy. 

Both Dark Mode and Self-Destructing messages are functions that are arriving to Whatsapp in the next update to be released, which is expected to be available in first days of November.