Marketing has always been an imperative tool for businesses and enterprises, since like this it is possible to make themselves known in terms of branding and products and services offered, being the perfect way to get a specific market and niche and related customers and clients, as the most valuable thing a company can have regarding selling and commerce activities.

Nonetheless, there is a type of marketing these days that goes beyond the intention to sell something and make a company and product known; we are talking about digital marketing, as the online tool to promote ads in cyberspace and all the platforms involved, being the most effective currently due to the massive use of internet permanently with mobile devices.

Of course, the primary intention of digital marketing related to commerce process is to sell products and services, by making them known by possible costumers and try to turn a business or company into profitable business.

What changed is that with digital marketing there other purposes and characteristics that go beyond just sell a product; in cyberspace people can interact with a service or product and their sellers, getting involved with the whole selling process with concrete interests and actual possibility to claim their opinion as costumers, as something impossible to with traditional marketing.

In this way, people as users earn a bigger influence of interaction and opinion that become very important for others; sellers and other customers in terms of forums, Q/A blogs and other online platforms.

Another purpose of digital marketing is to promote products and services to the concrete and relevant public and potential users and not just in mass, making a more effective advertising campaigns thanks to the possibilities of digital devices and software that can track, register and offer results in a way that would be impossible for other forms of marketing.

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