Pocophone as Xiaomi´s brand will be replaced with Redmi

In 2018 Xiaomi as Chinese brand with great name in the field of smartphones and mobile devices released the Pocophone sub-brand and the model F1; a high-end device with top-of-the-line specs for a price that was more of a mid-range phone, with ultimate Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 for the time and a two-camera setup. 

Unfortunately, according to CEO of IDC Navkendar Singh Xiaomi will no longer be encouraging their sub-brand known as Pocophone, due to several reasons, being one of them the departure of their CEO and Xiaomi member Jai Mani who promoted the brand in first instance and everything that represented in terms of approach and purposes. 

The other main reason for this to happen is the intention of Xiaomi of promoting their new brand called Redmi, which is another sub-brand that comes to offer battle in the mid-range market of smartphones. 

Redmi was born first of all as a successful line of product offered by the Chinese company, with devices that stood out in terms of price-to-performance ratio and mid-range specs, such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and later models. Because of the quality related to the name, Redmi came to be a sub-brand, to the point in which will be the one replacing Pocophone for good. 

However, this move from Xiaomi seems a little but odd due to the relevance Pocophone as related sub-brand achieved in so little time, with an approach that liked many people who saw the opportunity to have a high-end smartphone paying less, actually having the same specs and quality. 

Probably, the Pocophone sub-brand will go due to the departure of the man who promoted the project in first place, but fortunately Xiaomi will keep the idea of offering great smartphones at low prices, by the hand of the Redmi branding and obviously their own line of product and devices, such as the Mi and A series.

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