Philips S651

The company Philips will be introducing a low-end smartphone with an amazing feature; a 40-day battery life, and without releasing a one-pound brick with a 15.000 mAh battery, but achieving it in other different way for those users worried about autonomy and portability. The model of this phone is the Philip S561 and in first instance will only be available in Russia.

40 days of battery life using the Philips S651 

The Philips S561 is more of a low-end phone that only stands out for one reason; its battery life. In details, the device counts with a 4000 mAh that seems standard in current days, but it can be stretched up to almost 40 days of autonomy. 

This is thanks to the low-consumption processor built-in in the device, being specifically the Spreadtrum SC9863A, which is underclocked to provide the best autonomy. 

So, in this case Mediatek, Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei are not the typical SoC suppliers for the phone, although Spreadtrum is a more unknown developer is still available for devices in low-end handhelds. 

Respecting the other specifications of the phone, the Philips S561 has a 5, 45-inch IPS display with a HD Plus resolution and a 18:9 aspect ratio, 3 GB of DDR4 RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, Android 8.0. 

In terms of cameras the phone is built-in with a main 13 MP camera and a front-facing 5 MP camera for selfies. Of course, these are low-end characteristics and the price is also a reminder of that, since it cost 140 dollars or the equivalent in the markets where it will be present soon. 

However, at the time of release the phone will be only available in Russia, and later will be available in other markets in Europe and Asia, such as a India, Indonesia and other countries. 

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