Outlook: The Email Service by Microsoft


Outlook is the email service provided by Microsoft, including a great set of features and functions to take benefit from, as a solution that has been in the market for quite some time now and was known previously as Hotmail. 

Microsoft updated the service´s name and gave it a new look and feel, along with an extensive set of functionalities in order to compete aggressively with other competitors, such as Gmail and Yahoo. To do so, Microsoft incorporated into Outlook new possibilities in terms of advantages, security, privacy, design and integration with other services of the company. 

Advantages of Outlook as Email Solution 

Outlook is an email solution by Microsoft that is focused on productivity, reliability and security, by including features that achieve these purposes and more. With Outlook, users have their emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and more, all in one place and with synced data that is available in other device where the user is logged in. 

For example, Outlook is the email service with the most intuitive and easy to use interface and inbox, where everything is organized at the best user´s convenience by including different types of views, customizable folders, voice search, and business-level security that guarantees safety and privacy when using Outlook. 

An a outstanding aspect of Outlook is the integration with other services, functioning the email account as key to use other internet and software solutions provided by Microsoft for free: Skype, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Edge, Windows and other services can be accessed with an Outlook account and enjoy of extra features and syncing at no extra cost. 

Therefore, with Outlook there is the possibility to open and edit Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents online, sync contacts and calendar events, chat and videoconference with friends through Skype on the very inbox, obtain cloud storage with OneDrive that starts at 5 GB for free and more. There is a paid premium version of Outlook in the Microsoft 365 suite that includes a 1 TB storage capacity on the cloud, improve security, no ads, customizable domains and more. 

How to create an account and login on Outlook 

Let´s follow the process to create and login on Outlook and start enjoying all of its features: 

  • Using the internet browser of choice, open a new tab or window and enter the URL address “https://login.live.com”.
  • In the next loaded page, Outlook will ask for access credentials: email address or phone number and then the password. If such information is valid, you will be logged in to your account in no time. 
  • In case the user does not have an account, in the same previous page click in the option “does not have an account yet? Create one”. 
  • A new registration page will be loaded where Microsoft asks for required information to create the account, such as name and last name, birthdate, gender, phone number and location. 
  • In the next page, the system will send an SMS to check identity. Enter the code and the account will be created and ready to use right away.