Oppo to Release their First Smart TVs with 8K Resolution and More

Oppo to Release their First Smart TVs with 8K

Oppo is a Chinese brand that is quite known in the mobile segment, as manufacturer of state-of-the-art smartphones running Android and with a relevant market share in Asia. Now, Oppo will be entering in the segment of smart TV by releasing the S1 model, including high-end features that might be perfect for media consumption and gaming.   

In terms of specs, this new TV by Oppo will be counting with and LED-backlighted LCD panel with a native 4K resolution, which can be rescaled up to 6K and 8K resolutions thanks to specialized AI algorithms. The S1 TV will be only available at a size of 65 inches and its panel will be able to update images every second at a speed of 120 hertz, for very smooth movements and animation. 

Oppo claims that the S1 will be ready to be used in 1 second after is on, thanks to the fast MT9950 chipset by Mediatek that act as core of the whole TV, along with 8 GB of high-speed DDR4 RAM and 128 of built-in SSD storage that allow the TV to launch this quickly. 

With 1.500 nits of brithness and compatibility with WIFI 6 and HDMI 2.1 port for that 8K resolution, the S1 is ready to give amazing media and gaming experience, supporting HDR 10. The S1 TV by Oppo can be reserved right now.