Between traditional and digital marketing there are plenty of differences, standing out the fact that results from the second one can be measured in terms of impact, the use of social media and mobile devices in comparison to the second where advertising is released through mass media with more challenging analysis of impact.

But, as main difference among a more traditional advertising and the digital marketing that can be carried there is one to address with more relevance; the option of applying Online Behavioral Advertising in most of the techniques to promote products and services online, providing the impact and relevance businesses and enterprises are looking for respecting their intention to be shown and sell better.

Definition of Online Behavioral Advertising

With digital marketing, most of the strategies carry out the function of Online Behavioral Advertising; a tool that allow advertising campaigns to show and promote ads to specific potential clients, in accordance to their interest and likes respecting their search history, location, browsing history and more.

Like this, marketing campaigns can offer relevant products to users that can be actually interested on buy them, instead of showing random commerce information to someone that is not interested whatsoever.

Online Behavioral Advertising is very important for digital marketing in terms of purpose of the businesses and enterprises that invest their budget in it, as a way to segment a market or obtain more market share by addressing the campaign specifically, being frequently a key intention of the person or business behind the marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, Online Behavioral Advertising has its controversy in the same other tools of the same time have, since it is considered these strategies frequently can attempt against users´ privacy in many way, since personal and location data must be accessed to show segmented advertising and general content related to marketing, tracking possible costumers and their interest in search history and other information.

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