New Super-Fast Wireless Charging to be released by Xiaomi

New Super-Fast Wireless Charging to be released by Xiaomi

A new Super-Fast wireless charging technology for smartphones will be released by Xiaomi in the upcoming months, with a wattage and speed that are unheard of respecting this segment and with a promised charging time that at this moment will be unbeatable.  

This new technology would allow compatible models of smartphones by Xiaomi to be fully charged in under 19 minutes, reaching 100% in that small period of time or 50% percent of the charge in under 8 minutes. 

This achievement is done thanks to a special type of wireless charger that have an output of about 80 watts, although there are no models compatible with it yet and it is not currently available for purchase. 

To put it in perspective, Xiaomi already had a Super-Fast charging technology that could reach up to 120 watts and fully charge a phone with a 4.500 mAh in only 20 minutos. However, this is a wire-based charging that require a special adapter and a compatible model as the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. 

This is a milestone when it comes to wireless charging, although experts are having doubts about the health of the batteries over time, since wireless charging at this wattage would generate a considerable amount of heat.