New Apple Watch Series 6 includes a Blood Oxygen Monitor

Apple Watch Series 6

Recently on September 17th, 2020 Apple has introduced the Apple Watch Series 6, the new iteration of the company┬┤s smart watch that follows some elements of the previous design and functions, but adding new colors, internals and a completely new capability; a blood oxygen monitor built-in on the device. 

Specifically, this blood oxygen monitor is capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the users┬┤ blood, thanks to specialized hardware under the watch that strikes the wrist with infrared light, and then an algorithm translates the reading into a percentage number that is shown on the screen. With such function, Apple emphasizes its approach on wellness through the Apple Watch. 

In the same way, the new smart watch will come in the traditional colors, including a new cobalt blue and a Product Red version, along with a new hardware and processor for more performance. The Apple Watch Series 6 will cost 429 dollars on its base model.