Digital marketing is at present time the most important and used method to advertise and promote products and services over cyberspace, in the form of complex campaigns that are carried out by digital marketing agencies that perform different tactics for a business or enterprise to be more visible online, including the merchandise to offer to different and potential users.

Nonetheless, digital marketing would not be that influential nowadays despites working on the internet if it was not for one specific detail; the massive and trending use of mobile devices around the world since a few years ago.

Marketing on the go thanks to mobile devices

Mobile devices as mainly smart phones and in less measure tablets, laptops and other handhelds give companies and enterprises the opportunity to advertise products and services on the go, involving influential campaigns due to the permanent approach of using such devices in almost any moment of the day and regarding activities as work, recreation, studies, information obtaining and more.

In simple words, mobile devices are the center of life for many people now and like this digital marketing campaigns have not been this influential, with platforms that start from social networks and e-mail services to web pages and applications, marketing online has the winning side in terms of impact and influence of ads that re viewed a lot more in comparison to other marketing types.

Also, mobile devices brought other valuable possibilities for marketing that were not available before; technologies to track and monitor users and their interest in terms of search history, location, visited web pages and other factors that offer important information to offer relevant and segmented marketing, being easier to get more potential clients and actual markets for business and companies.

With no doubt, the trend to use mobile devices that exists currently definitely changed marketing as we know it in first instance, even for online advertising focused on local that was available previously.

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