Digital marketing is the process to promote products and services provided by a company or business that take advantage of internet to achieve such purpose of promoting, thanks to the different platforms of communication, interaction, work, recreation and others available that millions of people use every day online.

However, carrying out digital marketing campaigns is not simple and there different important aspects that must be consider, which are going to be addressed in the next section as relevant steps to take most benefit of such marketing strategies online.

Keys to set in motion successful digital marketing campaigns

First, content marketing still remain king respecting marketing online and involving content creation and posting on blogs, Q&A responses of clients and customers, forums and other publications related to topics that involve products and services offered and articles of the respective niche such products belong, being content the best and most relevant factor for digital marketing.

In second place as key for digital marketing campaigns to start with there is artificial intelligence or AI, making possible for the enterprise of business to make use of tools as automatized chatbots to answer clients´ doubts and problems permanently, as well as using augmented reality tools for the users to see and try new products thanks to innovative technology platforms that interact with users.

Another key factor for digital marketing is massive data recollection online, since like this a business would be able to study target markets, respective niche and industry and users´ behavior that belong and are looking for products and services offered, allowing the business carrying the campaign to anticipate what they want and need.

Of course, there are other influential keys for digital marketing to consider as offering satisfying user experience or US, with responsive page designs and well designed, as well as offering voice search, betting on clever content and video marketing, look for influencers, SEO, SEM, Instagram profile for the business to promote and show services and products, among others.

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