How to have the Google Play Store on the PC

The Google Play Store is the official app market designed, managed and offered by Google where the company allows the users to download applications, movies, listening to music, and more, all in one place and directly to Android devices throughout the software installed on every one of them. All that is required on the device is to be logged in with a valid Google account and that is it. 

However, in many cases different users may want or require to use an Android app specifically on a PC running Windows, and to do it natively is impossible due to the differences that this operating system and Android have in the first place. 

Fortunately, with an easy process is possible to have the play store download for pc and enjoy of a great and extensive offer of apps for Android to run on any Windows-based computer, especially when the software is not designed for this platform and only for mobile devices, like it can be the case in games where users want to play them on the computer, taking advantage of great resources, larger screens and physical controllers. 

Running Android apps on the PC with BlueStacks 

As it was said before, Android and Windows are two completely different operating systems, which are based on distinctive architectures that do not allow to run apps or programs seamlessly from one system to the other. 

Nonetheless, through the use of emulation is possible to run Android apps and even have the pc play store on the computer, as if it was other mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. This is possible using emulators, and BlueStack is the most reliable and used to have an Android environment on the PC, and therefore have access to the Google Play Store and all of its benefits and apps included. 

To begin with, the first step is to download BlueStacks from the official website of the software, and after downloading 530 MB it will be ready to be installed. Since BlueStacks is an emulation program, is recommended to be installed on a machine with great amount of RAM, at least 4 GB, along with multi-core processors and graphics cards, especially when playing high demanding games. 

Setting the Play Store on Windows through BlueStacks 

After BlueStacks is downloaded and installed on the computer, the next step is to execute the software that can take a few minutes to boot when is first launched, depending on the capacity and general hardware of the computer. 

When BlueStacks is finally up and running, the platform automatically will ask the user to enter their credentials respecting a Google account, with nickname and password and after these are introduced, the platform will take them as if it was a mobile device, allowing to enter and browse the different options on the Play Store, which is shown directly on the BlueStacks home screen. 

In some cases, some apps are not compatible with the system, and if the computer is low-end or old respecting hardware, a warning may appear saying that the PC may have trouble running some apps, especially games.