How is it that a good wine can be described and recognized?

How is it that a good wine can be described and recognized

When discussing wine, there are fundamental characteristics to know precisely the highlights of each bottle that is being enjoyed at the time, and when we know them accurately and figure out how to spot them in each taste, perceiving and picking them will be significantly easier and batter.  These are the best and main describers to characterize and know wine at each sip: 


To begin with, specifically the body on a wine is the thickness or sort of weight in which the beverage falls over the tongue and how it feels as far as actual touch and sensation in the palate. Logically, wines with strong body or also known as full-bodied drinks feel thick in the tongue, kind of dense that can likewise be seen from the glass when moved by the drinker. 

On the other hand, wines that are considered light body are very similar to water in motion and sense, while middle-bodied wines are between light and thick wines, so they are considered balanced. The body relies upon the measure of water, maturation of the grape and sort, its consistency and different components, and these wines with such characteristics can be found in wine store Miami available. 


White wines is synonym of acidity, since this type do not contain enough tannins as the important coloring and flavoring component of the drink to be bitter, since the aged grape is of another sort in contrast with red and rose wine and they are put to a different process with no skin, as the component that furnishes the beverage with shading and harshness and therefore the result is a clear and acid liquid.  

Also, the subsequent beverage is more invigorating and fresh. Indeed, white wines can have lower sharpness however they are considered “fat” and it relies upon the taste and inclination of the consumer.  

When it comes to rose wines, there are aged with the skin of the grape to kind of “paint” the beverage, yet is left there for a brief period of the time and then extracted from the barrels. 

Thusly, tannins on this kind of wine is more than the one present on white wines however just barely and are in the liquid way less than in red wine in comparison. Rose wines are in between the way of white and red wines with light and new flavor and slight harshness, medium body and very balanced taste and touch. Online stores and wine shop Miami places to find great bottles are available. 


Red wine and tannins are one to the other for sure. Since, this is the substance that is obtained from the skin of the grapes when they are getting aged, from which the shade of the red and rose wines originates and provide that amazing color. Tannins also is the responsible element for the red and rose wine to be bitter and strong to the tongue and mouth at every sip. 

That is the reason why red wines are viewed as harsh, bitter and for many people simply too hard to drink, despite the fact that this kind of wine additionally can be depicted as “smooth” or “delicate”, when grapes that are utilized to make the wine contain less tannins, so the color is a great indicator when it comes to red wine and its flavor and related bitterness.