How Cloud/SaaS Platforms are perfect for Teleworking


Definitely an uncommon circumstance societies have been experiencing these days around the globe, due to the contingency related to COVID-19 that has just taken a huge number of lives in the last few months, affecting greatly the worldwide economy and how people labor and obligating them to reinvent the way they work. 

Like this, many people saw the current technologies and how these can be utilized and offer incredible advantage and potential outcomes regarding present times, with individuals working from their homes in order to meet with the quarantine, but remaining productive and laboring.

Cloud/SaaS applications are an outstanding model that help individuals to reach their top potential respecting the mandatory remote and teleworking approach. Let´s get to know these platforms better. 

Concept of Cloud/SaaS Platforms and their Online Work Use 

Cloud or SaaS platforms are not other than cloud-based applications and software, which allow clients and users the access from virtually anywhere and from any computer that is connected, having all assets put away in specialized hardware, servers and others in the form of web pages, apps and more. 

In more details, the genuine potential about cloud-based applications is the Software as a Service concept abbreviated as SaaS; approach that permit individuals working remotely. 

Software supplying and online availability, IT engineers supporting the clients, no need for purchasing license to archive and manage assets for businesses, companies and users in general, and complete adaptability regarding access and utilization of mobile and local platforms and operating systems are great examples about the advantages of the Cloud/SaaS platforms. 

Such characteristics are the ones that provide Cloud/SaaS applications the competence of being utilized in conditions as quarantines and alike, supporting teleworking in ways that conventional or traditional software and its approach would simply not do.  

Regarding diversity and types, SaaS software is very extensive and with different purposes, as essential or as cutting edge as they can result at any given point. To find them, the best spot online to search for SaaS software and online applications is the authority SaaS Directory on the web, of official use in terms of this type of platform and organized the software in distinctive sorts, according to functions and features.

There is available any number of categories for this type of software: for accounting, cloud services, business and businesses management, educational purposes, creative work, video editing, broadcasting, streaming, design, security, infrastructure, networking, productive suites and many more. 

Aner Group as Solution Provider for Cloud/SaaS Platforms Developing  

SaaS applications must be developed by somebody, which is clear at this point. That is why; there are developers and companies that offer this type of service and act as solution providers for other business to have these platforms and be able to offer them to their clients, the Aner Group being a great example.   

The Aner Group is an IT organization that has been working in this specific software as a service approach and development for more than 20 years now, including plenty of solutions that are designed for home and also business users. Onyx solutions involve software and platforms for small businesses to large enterprises and transnationals.