Receiving calls from unknown numbers is very common these days, concerning most of the users since they do not know who is actually calling; if a relative or acquaintance who is trying to reach, or a company who is calling to sell something and get some valuable time. 

To make matter worse, in many cases calls received by unknown numbers might be related with frauds, scams and other illegal actions in which the receiver can become the actual victim. Therefore, to know or find information about an unknown number at any given time may become very important, which is possible with Lostcalls. 

The service provided by Lostcalls 

In detail, Lostcalls is a web service that allows users to find information and data about phone numbers that are unknown for receivers, who get calls from such number at any given time or frequently, to their house, business, office or even mobile phone. 

In this way, by knowing in advance information about phone numbers from which calls are being received, the user can act on them and simply letting them past or even call on the authorities when there is the assumption of scams, frauds and other illegal activities that might be related with the person or organization on the other side of the phone.

Identifying and having access to phone numbers related with scams, spam and other crimes can be the first clue on getting people behind such illegal activities, and thanks to Lostcalls this is possible. 

How the Lostcalls platform works 

Lostcalls works under a technology that allows the platform to identify phone numbers and show owner or purpose of calling, and if they are reliable or not by being related with illegal activities or spam, helping the users avoiding answering fraudulent calls at some point, getting offers that might be fraud and ultimately saving them some time. 

More importantly, the platforms is supported and based in information given by many users, allowing to put together a database that is available on the website and make the search function work, showing data about phone numbers that are entered and might be marked or not as spam, advertising campaigns, frauds, scams or any other. 

How to check unknown phone numbers on Lostcalls 

Lostcalls is available in the United States and also in the United Kingdom, through the websites for USA: and UK:, respectively and from which users can check any suspicious number. Starting using the platform is very easy: 

  • The first step is to have access to the phone number to check, which can be found in the phone records of the device that received the call. 
  • Access the website and enter the phone number to check on the search bar and then click on “Search”.
  • A few seconds later, the results given by the search engine will appear and showing the user information about the number, such as intention of calling, comments made by other users, evaluation and if the number is related with any illegal or unethical activity.