On January, 30th 2020 Europe has approved a resolution in which is mandatory for every company manufacturer of mobile devices to use one of a kind charger for their handhelds, completely forbidding smartphones, tablets, wearables and others that use a specific type of charger to charge their internal batteries. This has been decided by overwhelming majority at the European Union Parliament and the corresponding legislators. 

A new and to-rule-them-all charger for all mobile devices approved in Europe 

From now and thanks to crushing advantage at the European Union Parliament, is has been approved by the majority of legislators the use of one of a kind charger only for mobile devices, as a mandatory rule that must be met from this moment on, in every country and nation belonging to the European Union. 

Therefore, every other type of unique or specific-kind charger for a mobile device like a smartphone, tablet, wearable or even laptop will be illegal, and so such device would not be allowed to be sold at EU territory. Of course, a decision of this sort has a huge impact on the technology industry in general, and especially in one specific relevant company: Apple. 

In details, historically Apple is a company that has been characterized for having a close and very restrictive approach respecting their products, with unique charger and ports that are proprietary as it in fact happens with the Lighting port on the iPhone 11 as their last release from the mobile phone manufactured the Company from Cupertino. 

So, this means that in order for Apple to keep selling their iPhones in Europe, they should change their charging port from one that must become the universal standard, which should be the USB-Type C connection already adopted by manufacturers of Android-based mobile devices. 

This resolution is in the search of reducing pollution and extend the life span of technological products, with universal chargers that must not be bought at the moment of buying a new device or change it, regardless of their brand, type and operating system.