Advertising as a mandatory resource for any business, enterprise or company changed with no doubt after the arrival and later trend and overcrowding of the internet, getting even more noticeable with massive use of mobile devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets and others.

Like this, the marketing strategies came from being focused on mass media like TV, radio, magazines and press, to be addressed to public and potential users online on the internet, with ads included in web pages, apps and social networks or any other platform where people are investing their time.

Being this very influential and important for brands and companies in the world, there is another topic of interest regarding digital marketing that most consider even more relevant than the advertising strategies per se; the possibility to monitor and track results and impact on the go respecting such marketing campaigns.

With marketing everything is about measured impact

Digital marketing is carried out through the many platforms available online, by using tactics that can have SEO, SEM, content, AI, machine learning, social media, big data, mobile or UX nature, having different characteristics, features and even purposes and approaches.

Nevertheless, what all of these methods of digital marketing have in common is the possibility of monitoring and tracking results and how campaigns are being carried out on the go, thanks to the availability of internal or external software and digital nature of the platforms that are used as paths to get to people and users.

For example, with an informative email campaign the digital marketing agency and company interested in releasing such campaign is possible to know how many receive the e-mail, which users open the message, bounce rate or the time every surfer spend on reading the email and more.

Other example worth of showing is digital marketing based on SEO, which thanks to different analytics tools can show traffic status, spots on ranking respecting search engines and other relevant information, being possible to know the impact of digital marketing strategies in real time.

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