Digital marketing is the process to promote and advertise products and services using the platforms available online on the internet, where mobile devices take a relevant place as the technology that allow people to be connected and consume multimedia and written content on the go, permanently and throughout different services that users take advantage of almost every day.

For example, one of these services is e-mail as one of the most traditional ones along with web pages, but being still a relevant platform for advertising to be carried out since the corporative and formal use of e-mail by millions of companies and enterprises around the world, therefore acting as relevant platform to establish digital marketing campaigns of different types.

Details about digital marketing campaigns on e-mail services

A marketing campaign carried out through email platforms allow brands and businesses to promote and advertise their products across this platform, which can be approached in many way. For instance, a company can send a new set of catalogues including recent products and services for current and potential users to be aware.

The way to find such potential users and their contact information is by completing a registration on the web site of the company, or at the time of purchasing a product in local or online stores of the related brand. In simple words, contact information is critical to reach as many new clients as possible and more importantly; to stay in touch with current clients and show them new services.

Marketing through e-mail services can also include electronic coupons, general information, bills, data on promotions and so much more, as messages that are sent directly to the user online with no intermediaries.

Now, respecting email marketing businesses and specialist marketers always have in mind the right methods to use, since messages sent through email massively and without control can be considered spam.

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