Marketing is not like it used to be in the past, where the business running the campaign through different mass media like TV, magazines, radio, wallboards and others just sends a message without any type of direct response of the potential user whatsoever, neither any type of reference of the product experienced by the community of customers and others.

All of this changed with the arrival of digital marketing thanks to the internet, which got a lot a more massive and relevant with the extensive use of mobile devices as smart phones, tablets, laptops and other that even are considered appliances or wearables, but can be connected online and be able to be effective respecting advertising through cyberspace.

Since, digital marketing is the process to promote and advertise products and services online, with the use of web pages, social networks, applications, e-mail and other massive relevant platform. However, one of the most important capabilities digital marketing provide is offering direct interaction between the business or enterprise carrying out the marketing campaign with potential clients.

For example, a costumer interested in one product that he or she saw online (marketing at its best performance) who finds a page where such article or service can be found has the possibility to interact with the content about, getting full information and even having the chance to read experiences with the product from other users and the actual seller, as a possibility that was impossible until today.

Like this, the potential costumer can decide how to react regarding digital marketing strategies and products of different sort, be getting influence of people networks and customers of trust and the conversations and later decisions that are produced thanks to content discussion, general and specific interaction and feedback, being even more important than a digital marketing strategy per se.

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