Digital marketing as general concept is the way to use advertising techniques on the internet, by taking advantages of the platforms and technologies involved to show products and services to the users online, being the digital analogy of traditional marketing and therefore having a lot more complex nature due to the information and data to be handled, analyzed and interpreted.

Now, digital marketing is a wide frame or component of e-commerce in first instance, and by that there are aspects in terms of selling and purchasing procedures and economy that are intrinsic, which are not available in traditional commerce and from where digital marketing fed in first place.

What does it mean for digital marketing to be an e-commerce component?

Being digital marketing a component of e-commerce, there are a few things that it has in common with other frames of economy based in cyberspace.

First, digital marketing involves content management as it happens with e-commerce in general, since such content is the way for business and enterprises to introduce information for potential users about products and services offered, as well as other data related in web pages, applications and social networks.

Public relationships is other aspect of digital marketing as e-commerce component, as well as online reputation, costumer services and sells. Since, information generated by users themselves is key to produce successful digital marketing campaigns as work as direct references for potential clients to buy or not a product or services respecting other people´s experiences.

Like this, digital marketing as traditional way to show content related to products and services to be sold better, as well as making a brand better known is just the beginning or tip of the iceberg, since interactions client-client or client-seller and previous experiences acquire extreme relevance, as it happens with other e-commerce frames that are also involved.

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