Online marketing or digital marketing as the activity to promote products and services through internet platforms like apps, social networks, e-mail and web pages is the best resource of advertising these days with no doubt.

First, most of the people invest great part of their time online thanks to mobile devices and this increases the impact internet marketing has in general with more audiences to get. Although, there is another important factor provided by advertising carried out advertising in cyberspace that is usually more valuable than people in general would think; the possibility to make analysis of results.

Interpreting online marketing results

Digital marketing offers the possibility to track and monitor the impact on the go of the applied strategies, even on real time with the availability of proper tools as different consoles and software that is usually included by the digital marketing agency hired. Like this, the business related can know for sure how is resulting the campaign in terms of influence in general and specifically.

However, the next step to take is even more important than having the advantage to obtain results per se; it is the obvious interpretation and analysis of such results in terms of purposes, budget, intention and other factors, as data that can be relative and represent impact in relation to actions carried out online that can be described as enough or not.

So, every specific strategy carried out in the different internet platforms can be read in a different and concrete way, depending on the approach of the campaign and addressed technologies to improve sells, brand recognizing, obtaining clients and market share funding, which can be from content, UX, AI, big data, SEO, SEM and others.

Analysis of results related to digital marketing campaigns should always meet previous and reasonable goals, always respecting the budget and relative factors involved in the analysis where data that can be considered insufficient in first place can be positive in second turn.

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