Digital marketing is the advertising of choice at present time for most of the businesses and companies out there, due to the amount of time people spend in online platforms like social networks, web pages, applications, e-mail services and more, having the promotion of products and services and brand showing a lot more influential and with more impact than ever before.

Nevertheless, digital marketing involves complex processes and tactics to carry out, in order to accomplish the main goals advertising campaigns have on the internet, since there are many platforms available with different technologies and possibilities, as well as strategies that have to be applied differently with own resources, benefits, disadvantages and results, coming to the table the digital marketing agencies.

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a business that specializes on providing advertising products, services and plans that are set in motion in cyberspace, taking advantage of platforms available online for people to see ads of different kind to promote a brand, an article or a service, in order to get more clients and market share with public segmentation and other resources.

So, in digital marketing agencies work people with deep knowledge on complex strategies to be applied for an enterprise to be recognized in the internet. For example, an agent in digital marketing know how to plan and develop a campaign that set the business´ web page in top of ranking in search engines like Google with SEO, as well as including search advertising with SEM.

Also, big data, AI, machine learning, content creation and other strategies can be applied by agents working for digital marketing agencies. Also, their job is to propose the best techniques in terms of budget, business characteristics, purposes on the short, mid and long terms, as well as offering recommendations like focus campaigns on specific points at once for better performance and impact.

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