Different services you can enjoy with a Microsoft´s Outlook account for free

Different services you can enjoy with a Microsoft´s Outlook account for free

Microsoft allows the user to obtain a free email account with Outlook as the main service of the company for this purpose, where it is easy to receive messages and also enjoy of a calendar, notepad, to-do lists, video conferencing and unlimited storage capacity for attachments. 

While this is plenty when it comes to advantages available by only creating a Microsoft´s Outlook free mail account, there are other services and platforms that are accessible for users completely free and for different tasks, taking advantage of the great array of software provided by the company from Redmond. 

Outlook as the key to a great service platform by Microsoft 

Let´s see the main services people will be able to use at the moment and by just simply signing in on Outlook with a new account, where sending and receiving emails is only the beginning: 

Office Online

Microsoft is known for having the best productivity software, which is Office. By only signing in with an Outlook account on the Office Online official website, users will be able to enjoy different platforms of the Office suite for free, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, without paying any monthly fee whatsoever. 

All of the documents created and edited using Office Online are stored in the personal OneDrive storage capacity available for the user, and such documents will be available from virtually anywhere or in any connected device and internet browser, with changes and updates on the go, so they are perfect for team work. 


By creating an Outlook account, the user automatically will be in the right to use OneDrive for free, being the cloud platform of the company where users can store and save all types of files, multimedia content and more. 

In the same way, all of the documents created with Office Online will be saved in OneDrive. Every user can enjoy of up to 5 GB of total storage, which can be easily expanded thanks to the different paid plans available per month. 


The same credentials to log in on Outlook can be used to open session on Skype, which is the perfect platform for video conferencing, video calls and chatting on the web. Skype is available for Windows, Android, iOS and via web, and for those having a Microsoft or Outlook account do not need to create another account to enter. 

Other services 

Microsoft is a company that provides many services and platforms to users worldwide, and almost all of them can be accessed for free with an Outlook account. While the greatest examples were addressed previously, there are others that are worthy of being mentioned. 

For example, XBOX services and platforms as Xbox Live can be accessed through the Outlook account in XBOX consoles and also on Windows, allowing to download game, save scores and more. 

Other services available through the Microsoft´s Outlook account are Bing as web search engine, MSN services, Sway, People that is the contact platform by the company, and even Azure for professional cloud solutions.