Digital marketing is the process to advertise products and services online through the internet, being at present time the most influential type of marketing due to the extended use of mobile devices and hyper-connectivity on behalf of the majority of the people around the world, at least in the cities.

So, digital marketing includes all platforms available on the internet as web pages, applications, e-mail services and social networks, among other online products that can be consumed throughout devices like smart phones, tablets, PCs, laptops and even consoles and appliances.

Also, in accordance to the different strategies to carry out regarding digital marketing, there are factors that establish the impact and general effectiveness of the marketing campaign to follow, and with no doubt such most influential factor in relation to this topic is the content.

Content to talk about and create social relevance

It seems logic that the creation and showing of cool ads with segmented impact for specific markets and users through social networks, web sites and apps is the best way to carry out digital marketing campaigns, being in fact a certainty. Nevertheless, content results in a more relevant and important factor for digital marketing, even if it does not seems like it.

Content and information of quality of any kind provide users valuable data when they are looking for to specific things online, such as the interest to find something to buy or reading some content about a topic of their attention. Like this, the content gives the potential clients the possibility to decide if a product suits with their needs or not, even being influenced such decision by experiences of others claimed on the web.

So, good content can create chains of communications that lead to better marketing, social interactions and more, without mentioning its importance for SEO and SEM strategies that are also involved in digital marketing.

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