cloud saas applications and their potential respecting confinement

It is an extraordinary situation we are living these days around the world, with millions of people forced to stay in confinement due to the COVID-19 outbreak that has already taken thousands of lives. However, in a way the world does not stop and work neither, with many laboring from their homes at this very moment. 

Being like this, right now is when different tools can be used and offer great benefit due to their nature and possibilities, with people working from their houses. Cloud/SaaS applications are a great example and are helping people to reach their top potential working remotely. But how do they achieve this? Let’s know more about their concept.

Knowing more about Cloud/SaaS Apps 

In details, Cloud or SaaS applications are not other than cloud-based software and platforms, which users can access from virtually anywhere in the world and any device with and internet connection, having all resources stored in servers and using the platform through clients, internet browser or websites, without installing anything else. 

Now, the real potential about cloud-based apps is the SaaS as acronym for Software as a Service, that allow people work on the go with great advantages that start from software provider responsibility in guaranteeing the service, IT developers supporting the customers, no requirement of license purchasing to document and resource access via network, complete flexibility respecting access and use of platforms from any OS. 

All of these advantages mentioned before are those that provide Cloud/SaaS applications the great potential of being used in confinement, supporting teleworking in ways traditional software would not do, or at least would in worse or impractical ways that can be managed better in SaaS apps, especially for teamwork and other situations that are important when working remotely. 

Different SaaS Software Available 

SaaS platforms are as varied as traditional software might be, with functions and purposes that cane belong to many industries and niches, as basic or as advanced they can result. A great place to look for SaaS software and online applications is the official Saas Directory online, with different options divided into categories depending on the their nature and functionality. 

Ecommerce, Business Management, Education, Management, Design, Security, Infrastructure, Design and Personal Management are a few of the categories included in the website from which users can download apps free and with full versions. Alumnyx, Octovid, Docket, Bloomerang and others are great examples of SaaS software with specialized functions for teleworking at home. 

Aner Group: A Reference in Online Software Development 

 Online software and SaaS applications must be developed by someone, since they do not come up out of thin air. For this, there are IT developers around the world that team up efforts and build outstanding platforms with valuable functions and for many industries and niches. 

The Aner Group is a great example, as an IT company that has been working in this segment for over 25 years, with solutions that involve home and business approaches. Onyx Soft, Onyx Cloud and Onyx Systems are the categories in which the company develop specialized software, starting from small business to large enterprises, and also home and offices.