Happy Tech

Happy Tech! Is the entertaining and media content platform in YouTube that allow users to watch and enjoy different videos, respecting technology, games, gaming consoles, smart phones, tablets and related news about these products and devices. 

At least once a week, on the Happy Tech! YouTube channel is released a video addressing different content, which can be from unboxings to reviews and more. At present time, such channel has more than one million followers as a number that getting bigger and bigger every day. 

Due to its influence online, Happy Tech! As a channel has launched its own app compatible with Android devices, which can be downloaded as APK from different online markets. 

In details, the Happy Tech! App is a platform that help the users to keep on the content uploaded to the channel, with notifications and other functions related to the platform on YouTube. 

With the app, users and Happy Tech! Subscribers will be the first to know when videos and content is uploaded, with content that usually is related to the Android world and technology field, with new releases, apps, devices, news and more many more, all in one place and easily getting connected with social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Specifically, the app includes a menu that appears on the left with different sections to interact with, easily getting the user to social media profiles of Happy Tech! Like Facebook and Twitter, along with the official webpage of the platform. 

Also, among the sections users can browse the different content on the Happy Tech! YouTube channel directly on the app, with videos specified with categories that include videogames, apps and news, as well as other content of interest for users and related with tech. The Happy Tech Android! app only occupies 2.4 MB on the devices to be installed, working fast and smoothly.