Thanks to the influence and massive use of internet through mobile devices connected many ambits of communication, interconnection, recreation, work and studies have changed, since with the use of cyberspace as main tool we have access to useful platforms and technologies that make life easier and carrying out purposed tasks more efficiently.

For example, advertising of products and services is a field that has been changed completely due to the influence of the internet, bringing the digital marketing to the table as the perfect set of instruments to carry out better promoting and advertising of products and services in mobile and local devices, throughout platforms like websites, email, mobile apps and social networks.

Outstanding advantages online marketing has over traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is the one that involves mass media like TV platforms and aired channels, radio, magazines and press advertising, while digital marketing involves the use of mobile and local devices as smartphones, laptops and pcs, smart TVs, tablets, game consoles, appliances and more.

Having said that, at present time a clear and first advantage digital marketing has over traditional marketing is simply the extended use people are investing every day in mobile devices, throughout the use of social network apps, web browsing, email platforms and others, since these handhelds are in our pockets permanently and like this ads can be shown more effectively.

Secondly, digital marketing provides companies and businesses that release promoting campaigns for their products and services the possibility to track the general functioning and impact of such campaigns, thanks to the different tools available for such specific purpose, giving also a better idea of how much a concrete budget can achieve in terms of producing more sells and obtain more costumers.

And last but not least, with digital marketing enterprises can release campaigns specifically addressed to target markets and audiences, in accordance to behavioral advertising related to search history of users and achieve market segmentation.

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