A Monstrous Battery of 6.000 mAh with the Motorola G9 Power

A Monstrous Battery of 6.000 mAh with the Motorola G9 Power

Motorola is renewing its mid to low-end segment of smartphone with the G9 lineup, and while the G9 Plus is aiming to be the best of all in terms of specs and design, the Motorola G9 Power comes to surpass it in one very specific element: battery size and autonomy. 

While the Motorola G9 Power might be considered a mid-low to low tier smartphone due to its characteristics, a 6.000 mAh battery is a feature that is probably the most outstanding of the phone in general. With this capacity, Motorola says the phone can endure up to 60 hours of continuous use or 16 hours of screen time, which is absolutely incredible. 

Along with this monstrous size of a battery, the phone is capable of supporting a 20-watt fast charging with the brick can cable that comes in the box. With it, the battery of the phone should be charged in less than two hours. In comparison to its predecessor, the Moto G8 Power, the Moto G9 Power has 1.000 mAh more in capacity and faster charging speed out of the box. 

On another part, respecting the general specs of the phone there are no major differences in comparison to the previous model, even using the same SOC as the Smapdragon 662 by Qualcomm. 

Respecting the rest of the specs, the Moto G8 includes an only HD+ 6.8 IPS screen, 4 GB of RAM, 128 of internal storage, a quad-camera setup with a 64 MP main shooter, no wide lens, a 2 MP marco, a 2 MP depth sensor and a 16 MP front facing shooter. 

The Moto G9 Power also includes, LTE, WIFI, NFC, GPS, USB-C for charging and data, along with dedicated Google Assistant button on the side and it will be available for 199,99 dollars.