7-days self-destructive messages about to appear in WhatsApp

7-days self-destructive messages about to appear in WhatsApp

Self-destructive messages are around the corner in WhatsApp, as another feature to strengthen security and privacy in the app, being the most used messenger in the world and therefore another effort to provide the best experience as possible for users in general. 

In details, these self-destructive or auto-destructive messages are deleted and destroyed after 7 days of being sent or received, and then the information contained in them is impossible to recover, as simple as that and this is where privacy and security comes the table. 

And not only that, since according to reports and official information this temporary messages may include text, videos, images and voice notes and after the period of time expires the information is destroyed. 

Ephemeral messages, as the other way to call this type of messages will be compatible in WhatsApp for group chats and individual chats as well. However, when it comes to groups, only managers will be able to activate the function of ephemeral messages, while on individual messages both users will be able to activate the function. It depends on the chat´s nature and purpose of the user to activate the function in every chat or not. 

The function of self-destructive messages will be available for Android and iOS in November, and they can be activate in the settings section “Storage and Data” for the app in both operating system. This new functionality does not affect previous messages sent or received before the update.